Read what people say about Oreyo’s Magical Adventures Book and In Case of Emergency Rescue Stickers

Recently I bought “Oreyo’s Magical  Adventures” for my 3 1/2 year old daughter. I was very touched by Oreyo  the Magical Therapy bunny. I always try to find ways to teach my  daughter that we need to look to find ways to help others. Oreyo helps  me to teach my child that some people are sick and need extra special  love. Oreyo takes the time to go visit others and make them smile. It is  a good reminder for all of us. Thank you Marcy for sharing Oreyo’s  story!! – Nicole Kiss – Mom

Dear Oreyo,
I just love your book! Thank you so  much for sending a copy to me. You have a marvelous life & a truly  commendable career. Your Mom must be so proud. My offering includes a  little more towards your splendid cause and maybe a few more of those  oats you love so much!
 Keep on hoppin! Love, Pam xoxo

What a great book! Justin learned  about therapy bunnies – he did not know they existed. Much appreciation.  Glen Watson. I love the book. Justin Watson (6 years old) Thank you! We  enjoyed reading the book together. We would love to meet Oreyo one day. – Brandee Watson